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Canada's Caribbean Dream
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For more information on our National Petition for an alliance with Turks and Caicos and other Caribbean Communities please visit the links below.

SIGN OUR ONLINE PETITION .. JUST CLICK HERE! NOTE: We must have the original signatures to present to Parliament. However, I will make sure the online Petition get's presented to our government officials.


Sign our Petition
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You may print off as many copies as you wish and have family, friends, co-workers etc. all sign. Please note:  I must have all original signed copies mailed back to me at :       

        Pamela Lee        
2401 Diane Drive
Bright's Grove, ON
N0N 1C0

If anyone has a problem printing a copy email me at

"I Love the Warmth and the Charm of the Caribbean"
"I first learned of our Governments rejection of  a Caribbean Island on a flight back from the Dominican Republic in September of  2003 from a friend of mine, Lynn McKerracher.  I was suprised that our government would dismiss an alliance that could be vital to our own country.  Upon my return, I contacted my MP Rose-Marie Ur.  She sent me a three page letter explaining how to set up my Petition and that the Islands rejected were Turks & Caicos. This was the third time.  I was shocked.  I honestly couldn't absorb how Canada could turn down a warm, exotic, tropical paradise...Canadian Tropical Paradise, not only once..but three times.  Canadian Dollar, Canadian Investments, Canadian Retirement, Canadian Real Estate, Canadian Tourism Dollars and no out of country Medical Insurance.  I also learned from Ms. Ur that an Alberta MP Peter Goldring had recently resurrected the idea of an alliance and had submitted a Motion to the House of Commons the day after I left for Dominican. Thrilled, I contacted Peter right away to let him know what I was doing to help. I am now part of the Turks & Caicos exploratory committee.
After several news interviews and exhaustive legwork the information I have come to learn now belongs to you.  OUR petition is very important to the voice of our country. Since this petition I have not only seen the dedication of so many people who have helped by taking the ball and running with it, I have seen a committment to our cause that humbles me. I truly believe that great Canadians, as we are,  together will succeed in forming some sort of alliance with Islands that have a serious intent on becoming Canadian...united as one."
"Thank You MP Rose-Marie Ur for your wealth of information and assistance, my everlasting gratitude."
"Thank You MP Peter Goldring for your guidance and encouragement. You are a good, kind man."
"A Special Thank You to all of the Journalists who had the foresight and vision to see what this would mean to our Country's future."
David Gough (Chatham this Week) & (Wallaceburg Courier Press), Bob Boughner (Chatham Daily News), Debra Van Brenk (The London Free Press), Jennifer Mavel (CFCO Broadcasting), Mike Strobel (The Toronto Sun), Sarah Sacheli (The Windsor Star), Dawn Cuthbertson (The National Post), The Edmonton Sun, US News Watch, Danielle Smith (Calgary Herald/Global Sunday), Barbara Peacock and Kimberley Juras (CBC Broadcasting), Jenn Cochrane (North Kent Leader), Kevin Rollason (The Winnipeg Free Press), April Glover (CKSY Broadcasting, Chatham), Chris McGregor (Chatham Daily News), April Glover and Chris McLeod (The Rock Broadcasting, Chatham), George Clark (CFPL Broadcasting, London), Mike Kakuk & Lisa Williams (CKLW Broadcasting, Windsor), BJ Burke, Harv Stewart, and Lisa Blackburn (Q104 Broadcasting, Halifax), Paul Cook & Rima Kar (Rogers/Omni Television program, "Agenda", Toronto), Paul Cook (680 News, Toronto), Mike Stubbs & Dan Flaherty (CJBK Broadcasting, London), Bob Becken (CFCO Broadcasting, Chatham), Shauna Hunt (CKSY Broadcasting, Chatham).
"I would like to Thank my best friend, Kim Yerex, who's never ending support and friendship has been the most gifted treasure I could ever hope for."
"Thank You, Elizabeth Flannigan for all of your help, encouragment, and hard work for this cause. You are truly an angel!"
"To Douglas Johnson: Your booklet that you sent me is inspiring. I can only imagine the hours, money and research it took for you to put all of your statistics together, let alone mailing your booklet to the parties you feel needed this vital information.  Thank You Douglas. We are of the same mindset."
"A Very Special Thank You to all of the wonderful people who took the time out of their busy lives to help with our National Petition."
Best Regards,
Pamela Lee
(formerly, Pamela Stewart-Crawford)


"I truly feel that by having Caribbean Islands that have a union with Canada would enrich our country immeasurably. I believe the benefits of a self sufficient tropical paradise gives the government of Canada no recourse but to finally acknowledge that this alliance is way overdue. Any answer from the government but a YES would do our Country, once again, a great injustice."  
Pamela Lee

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